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Good security system gives you safety in every day life.

All systematized

  • Absolute security system for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    Absolute security system for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    Absolute security system for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to protect the whole premises.

    A guard stays in the building for 24 hours for complete support of your security and safety and is patrolling regularly in the building.

  • A security guard is on duty by the front entrance hall at all times.

    Standing guard on duty

    A security guard is on duty by the front entrance hall at all times, providing hotel-like hospitality.

    Our priority is to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents,so we regularly patrol at the entrance hall area to greet all thevisitors and residents.

    The guards shuts out all the strangers to the building and there will be no circulars in your mail box.

  • The security guard will answer the intercom

    Intercom operator

    This is intercom answering service- very common in New York City.

    The visitors cannot access to the intercom directly, the security guards will answer the intercom to access to each residence.

    The visitors can enter after checking.

    Very effective measurements against sales, recruiting or stalkers.

  • There are always some security guards on duty at the security center.

    the security center

    Security center is on the 2nd. floor.

    Because this building is located in the big city, we believe that it is very important to protect the security of our residents.

    There are surveillance cameras is many places to be checked by the security guards to ensure your comfortable life and privacy.

  • Security facilities to ensure your security

    There are security sensor for human, magnetic sensor in each residence to guard you by machines.

    Just push The emergency call button (free-option) installed in each residence,the security guards will come right away from the center.

    The security guard will open the door to call you, and if there is no answer, he will be perceived as an emergency and will cut the chain to enter.

    Fee for recover the chain is charged. (appro. 3000yen)

    The residents can turn it on or off the security device (At-home mode, absent mode)

  • Easy to park cars, motorcycles or bicycles.

    All the visitors must pass by a security guard and also the surveillance cameras are checked by guards, that ensures security for luxury cars.

    Also, you can park high-roof cars or large sized car, and the motorcycle parking is in indoor.

  • Privacy

    There will be absolutely no leakage of the resident's personal information.

Directly connected from the subway 'Matsuya machi' station Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.

10min. walk to subway "Shinsaibashi station"-Midosuji line and Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.5 min. walk to subway "Nagahoribashi" station- Sakaisuji line 6 min. walk to subway "Tanimachi 6 chome" station Tanimachi line, Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.

Rental Condominium / Rental Apartments Matsuya tower is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Nagahori Av. and Matsuyamachi Av. The tower is right on the corner from the exit no.3 of the subway Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi line "Matsuyamachi station" Located in the heart of greater Osaka, though you can find nice parks such as Osaka castle park in neighborhood. You are guaranteed to fully enjoy the luxury life in this wonderful environment with a convenience of the city and the quiet residential area.