Matsuya Tower osaka,rental condominium,rental apartments

Create a life style

Superb place for leading an urban life together with an absolute security system and amazingly comfortable living space.

The Matsuya tower is high-end tower rental condominium.

For single or couple residents-to-be.

Because we have 50 years of rental housing experiences in Osaka we have made a condominium to be considered as a model case for the future.

  • For safety life

    The latest earthquake resistant structure greatly reduces the seismic force.

    Also, we have an emergency stocks in case of any disasters.

  • Great security system

    Absolute security system for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    Absolute security system for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    A standing security guard is deployed at the entrance hall at all times, and some other guards are at the security center to attend you by intercom Quite a common in New York City high-end apartments.

    Security machines are installed in each residences.

    The guard will rush up to your residence in case of an emergency.

  • Very luxury living facilities

    Living facilities

    Ventilation is taken into consideration when designing the building, to eliminate the use of air conditioning as much as possible.

    NTT DoCoMo FOMA cell phone antenna in each residence.

    Spacious and fully automatic bathroom, floor heating, barrier-free floor for senior citizens, etc. Surely you will lead a luxurious life in this tower.

  • About our common facilities ? Ideally convenient

    Common facilities

    Convenience store "Lawson" on the 1st floor Physical and dental clinic on the 2nd floor.

    We have B-B-Q space on rooftop, fully equipped facilities for pets, pollen removal device, car wash corner,etc. to assist your wonderful and comfortable life.

  • Great services

    Free-of-charge services

    You can use these great services for free-of-charge --- Athletic gym exclusively for residents, garbage pick-up service, porter to carry your luggage's, unlimited internet service,etc.

  • Ideal location to live in a big city


    Matsuyamachi is located in the heart of downtown Osaka, however,there are a lot of old traditional Japanese style houses and greens.

    This is a perfect location offering both the good access to downtown area such as Shinsaibashi or Namba, or the business center area such as Honmachi or Osaka Business Park (OBP)

Directly connected from the subway 'Matsuya machi' station Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.

10min. walk to subway "Shinsaibashi station"-Midosuji line and Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.5 min. walk to subway "Nagahoribashi" station- Sakaisuji line 6 min. walk to subway "Tanimachi 6 chome" station Tanimachi line, Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.

Rental Condominium / Rental Apartments Matsuya tower is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Nagahori Av. and Matsuyamachi Av. The tower is right on the corner from the exit no.3 of the subway Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi line "Matsuyamachi station" Located in the heart of greater Osaka, though you can find nice parks such as Osaka castle park in neighborhood. You are guaranteed to fully enjoy the luxury life in this wonderful environment with a convenience of the city and the quiet residential area.