Matsuya Tower osaka,rental condominium,rental apartments

  • Comfortable life with a nice breeze

    Ventilation system

    The Matsuya tower has an open well hole structure all the way to the top of the premises.

    The common corridor is open style, and we have installed ventilation to the fire fighter's passage,too.

    We built a lot of corner rooms and the rooms with a ventilation window.

    Each room is very well ventilated so it will be very comfortable even without air conditioning and its very eco-friendly to prevent the global warming.

    And we invented that the lower part of the balcony handrails for better ventilation.

    The entrance hall of the each residence is designed to not to be able to see inside of the room, so you can keep it open to have fresh air anytime.

  • Fully air-conditioned, floor heating system for the living and bedrooms.

    Floor heating system

    We have installed the floor heating system not only in the living room but in the bed room,too.

    You will not feel any dryness in the winter time, great for your beauty and skin care.

    Air conditioner is fully equipped so you don't have to go through the tiresome installation process, it is all ready to use when you moved in to the Matsuya Tower.

  • Intercom with a camera at the entrance hall of the building and at each residences.

    They have a camera and also can talk directly to the security center, very reassuring.

    Every visitors will be attended by the security guards and passed to you by intercom. So you will not be bothered by some sales person or strangers.

  • Emergency call button directly to the security center

    There are emergency call button (free-option) in each residence, living room,bath room or toilet.

    The guards will come right away in cases of an emergency.

    You can install remote-control emergency call button (free-option) in case of an sudden illness.

  • People-friendly barrier free floors.

    All the floors are barrier-free without any bumps.

    You can install handrails in the entrance, toilet and corridors if needed.

    In case of an emergency or sudden illness, the toilet door opens outward for sudden faint and also you can take out the bathroom door from the outside

  • Human sensor and magnet sensor for security purpose

    Human sensor and magnet sensor for security purpose are installed in each residence.

    We protect your room when you are not at home (In-home mode, Away mode)

  • We provide you a superb bathroom

    • Superb functional all-automatic bathroom


      Excellent funcional bathroom features heating up water in the tub, automatic hot water running, automatic hot water re-filling, automatic hot water re-heating,etc.

      For the 16th or upper rooms, you can enjoy taking a bath by looking at the blue sky or stars just to open the bathroom window by the balcony side.

      Also, the floor is thermo-floor heating system, your feet will not feel cold.

      You can enjoy bathroom TV, DVD or cable TV, fee-based TV, great for long bath takers!

    • Home esthetic salon with a mist sauna.

      Mist sauna

      Kawakku dryer system

      We have splash mist and Micro mist ? 2 way changeable mist sauna system.

      Splash mist ? Very effective soft mist will ensure you to feel great

      This tepid mist will make sauna very fast and give you great sweating in a minute.

      Nano-micro mist to keep your visibility clear

      An invisible micro mist keeps you from getting wet and moisturizes your skin and this low-humidity and clear sauna enables you to enjoy reading a book while in the bathroom.

      And of course, famous Kawakku system

      Bath room clothing dryer system "Kawakku" is installed in every bathroom.

      You can dry your clothes without worrying the weather condition.

    • Spacious bath room

      You can relax and unwind in this spacious 1618 and 1620 sizes bathroom.

      1618 size indicates the standard of size that the total width of the bathroom including the washing area and the bathtub is 1.6m. and 1.8m. deep.

    • Bathroom TV can be installed (fully equipped for the 16th or upper floors )

      Bathroom TV

      You can watch general broadcasting, cable TV, BS, CS channels and DVD watching.

      Great for long bath and exercise in the bath time!

      Fully equipped for the 16th or upper floors. We can install for the other floors (charged)

  • Large 3 way mirror with cabinet washstand

    Large 3 way mirror with cabinet

    We installed large three-way mirror with cabinet washstand in the bathroom.

    120cm. with type cabinet is in each residence to place the daily items and towels.

  • Easy to clean up toilet

    No-tank toilet

    We have installed a no-tank shower toilet with a twirling-style flush system so its always sparkling clean.

    Hand wash basin is installed separately.

  • Easy-to-clean glass top stove

    Glass top stove

    3 large gas stove in the kitchen.

    Easy to wipe off the stove top, and burner or grill are also designed to be easy-cleaning.

    There is a selection of open kitchen, kitchen facing the living room, independent kitchen,etc.

    These spacious kitchen's have standard width of 2m25cm.

  • Great heat efficiency ECO-jaws for gas water heater system

    ECO-jaws for gas water supply system.

    We installed ECO-jaws, great energy efficiency by using recycling heat.

    Not only can you save on gas bills, but also emit less CO2 and its recommended by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for global warming prevention measures.

  • Safe, easy and convenient! Your cell phone can be used as the room key!

    Cell phone key

    We have implemented the new system that the entrance and each residence entrance door are opened just by placing your card key or cell phone onto the door.

  • Bar for drying clothes inside of the room

    There are bar for drying laundries that can move up and down by the window.

    You can dry clothes without worrying the weather condition.

  • Excellent soundproof and thermal insulation

    Double glass

    For the soundproof, thermal insulation and air conditioning efficiency, we used double glass, double floor and double ceiling in each residence.

    You can live comfortably without being bothered by any outside noises.

    Also, upon certain conditions, you can play piano, wind instrument or stringed instrument in your room.

  • A lot of lights by higher ceilings.

    Higher ceiling structure

    The ceiling is very high in every room so you can relax in your room without feeling oppressed by the ceilings.

    You can get a plenty of sun lights from the window.

    There are 3 types of the heights of the ceilings, 2520mm, 2570mm,2700mm.

    The ceiling heights of the Mezzonette type room well hole part is 6m.

  • Balcony sink and plugs are installed in each residence.

    Balcony sink

    There are a balcony sink with hot water in each balcony.

  • Toilet for pet on the balcony

    Facilities for pets

    Pet toilet in balcony.

    There are Dog spa (with hot water), paw washing area, towels and dryers are available at the common area.

    You can use Dog run (toilet before taking for a walk) free-of-charge.

    Also, there is an elevator with a button for pets.

Directly connected from the subway 'Matsuya machi' station Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.

10min. walk to subway "Shinsaibashi station"-Midosuji line and Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.5 min. walk to subway "Nagahoribashi" station- Sakaisuji line 6 min. walk to subway "Tanimachi 6 chome" station Tanimachi line, Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.

Rental Condominium / Rental Apartments Matsuya tower is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Nagahori Av. and Matsuyamachi Av. The tower is right on the corner from the exit no.3 of the subway Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi line "Matsuyamachi station" Located in the heart of greater Osaka, though you can find nice parks such as Osaka castle park in neighborhood. You are guaranteed to fully enjoy the luxury life in this wonderful environment with a convenience of the city and the quiet residential area.