Matsuya Tower osaka,rental condominium,rental apartments

  • You can enjoy B-B-Q on the rooftop

    Great ocean view on the rooftop.

    B-B-Q corner (free-of-charge) are at the rooftop.

    Please make a reservation beforehand, normally there is no access to the rooftop.

    Ocean view
  • Delivery goods locker

    You can use the locker next to the mail box to keep your packages when you are not at home.

  • Parking for high-roof and large cars

    Our parking can park high-roof and large cars, also, the bicycle and motorcycle parking are located inside of the building.

    All the visitors must always pass by a security guard and the surveillance cameras are set up and checked by the guards at all times. That will ensure security for luxurious cars.

    The guests of the resident can park (charged ) temporarily to the parking lot.

  • Pollen removal device

    Pollen removal device

    We installed the pollen removal device for the residents.

    Air jet will remove pollen and dust powerfully.

  • Car wash place

    Large hot water stainless tank

    Hot and cold water car wash device are installed in car wash place.

  • Athletic gym exclusively for residents (Free-of-charge)


    We have 24 hour free athletic gym for the residents and their guests.

    Please feel free to use the facilities to keep you healthy and fit.

    In the gym, there are approximately 10 training machines, massage chairs, manometers and scales,etc.

    There are toilets in the gym, however, please take shower and change clothes in your own residence.

  • Great facilities for pets

    Facilities for pets

    There are a toilet for pets in the balcony.

    There is a dog spa (hot water), paw washing basin, towel and dryer for a pet available in the premises.

    You can use dog run (toilet before taking for a walk) free-of-charge.

    Also, there is one elevator with a pet button.

  • convenient store "Lawson"


    There is a convenient store "Lawson" on the 1st floor.

  • Physical and dental clinic

    Physical and dental clinic

    Physical and dental clinic are on the 2nd floor.

    A doctoer can visit your room if necessary.

Directly connected from the subway 'Matsuya machi' station Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.

10min. walk to subway "Shinsaibashi station"-Midosuji line and Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.5 min. walk to subway "Nagahoribashi" station- Sakaisuji line 6 min. walk to subway "Tanimachi 6 chome" station Tanimachi line, Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.

Rental Condominium / Rental Apartments Matsuya tower is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Nagahori Av. and Matsuyamachi Av. The tower is right on the corner from the exit no.3 of the subway Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi line "Matsuyamachi station" Located in the heart of greater Osaka, though you can find nice parks such as Osaka castle park in neighborhood. You are guaranteed to fully enjoy the luxury life in this wonderful environment with a convenience of the city and the quiet residential area.